FCC offers valuable services to its members, either in its own capacity, or through the CCCI. The available services are outlined below:

  • Provision of information relating to imports – exports procedures.
  • Organization of Commercial Delegations from and to Cyprus.
  • Participation to trade Fairs and Exhibitions abroad.
  • Notifications to members, concerning the announcements of international tenders.
  • Organization of seminars and trainings.
  • Publication and electronic delivery to members of the FCCI newsletter.
  • Publication of a Commercial Guide, with names and contact details of interested members, which circulates to countries with prospective business opportunities.
  • Operation of a Products Coding Service.
  • Provision of information on firms of other countries.
  • Arbitration for settlement of trade debt disputes.
  • Issue of Certificates of Origin, ATA CARNETS. Certification of invoices and other documents.
  • Provision of specialized advice on issues relating to documents, costing and pricing.
  • Provision of updated information on various economic issues, e.g. sponsorships, monetary issues, investment issues, taxation issues, etc.
  • Promotion of special issues relating to the manufacturing industry, including issues of Industrial Areas and Industrial Zones.
  • Availability of conference space to member companies.
  • Provision of secretarial services to Professional Associations.
  • Representation of members’ general opinion to the Government and Parliament, in relation to proposed legislation on economic issues.
  • Representation to related entities on specialized and/ or personalized issues.
  • Maintenance of Information Bank on EU issues.
  • Provision of information concerning procedures and other issues relating to Cyprus ports and customs authorities.
  • Local representation of the CCCI and sale of all its publications.
  • Mediation for the resolution of problems and promotion of specific requests of members towards Government Departments and Local Authorities.